RECORD platform

The RECORD platform aims to mobilize IT tools and mathematics in the context of modeling and simulating agroecosystems and ecological systems. The objective is to support agronomist and ecologists modellers in the implementation of solutions for computerization and simulation of their models. The actions proposed by the platform are the following:

  1. Support in the development and maintenance of simulators
  • Implementation of programming languages ​​such as C++, R, Python, Fortran and mobilization of software suites dedicated to modeling and simulation such as that VLE.

  • Improvment of simulators performances (through for example the use of Rcpp for R codes or pybind11 for python codes).

  1. Deployment of simulator based application
  • Packaging simulators and software tools for simulation (packages conda and R, containerization with docker and Singularity)

  • Provision of simulators through the Internet according to approaches SaaS, such as workflows Galaxy, web services (REST API), web applications (for example RShiny for vizualisation purposes).

  1. Mobilization of HPC (high-performance computing) for simulation
  • Implement Galaxy worflows on clusters such as MESO@LR.

  • Support in the use of HPC ressources such as the Slurm job scheduling system.

  1. Support in the use of formal methods to study numerical models
  • Mobilization of formal methods for sensitivy analyses and calibration of numerical models.

The agents of the RECORD platform mobilize tools facilitating the collaborative development and the dissemination of their work (intensive use of forges) and focuse on the quality and reproducibility of their realization (code versioning, containerization, continuous integration / continuous develoment, infrastructure as code …).

RECORD is based on a team of engineers of the MathNum department of INRAE. Team members also have responsibilities in various networks and projects related to the activities of the platform:

Posted at — Feb 10, 2021